ECACS November Newsletter

"Growing in Christ, making a difference."

Message from ECACS Senior Administration

Similar to October and the feast of Thanksgiving, we have much to celebrate and recognize in November. November is a time of reflection, joy, and remembrance. Joyful that on November 1st we recognize All Saints day and on November 2nd we recognize All Souls Day. Then on November 7th, Catholic Education Sunday will be a devotion of time for prayer and celebration. Catholic masses will focus on thanks and blessings upon all those involved in Catholic Education service. The responsibility of answering God's call to be a Catholic educator comes with much grace, faith, and accountability. As Catholic educators and in partnership with our families and Church, we are summoned to bring children closer to the unconditional love of God. With Christ as our role model and with the scripture of God's word in the bible, we can positively impact our school communities' stakeholders. Catholic schools are much more than just a focus on academics, we are also here to develop and shape souls for the next life. Catholic education is a tremendous blessing in our province. Together in prayer, we will continue to place energy and effort into bringing God's kingdom a little closer to us here on earth.

November also brings us a time of meaningful reflection as we pay homage to the many men and women who have served, are serving, and have died to protect our nation's freedoms and rights. Canada is a great nation to live in as we have independent rights and freedoms that many countries worldwide do not have the luxury to enjoy. Remembrance Day is a particular time for all of us to stop the busyness of our lives and to take time to pray, and show our eternal respect in a moment of silence. It is essential to teach your family and children about the importance of this day by wearing a poppy, attending a remembrance day service, or quietly praying together at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day. We owe it to the many who ultimately sacrificed their lives for our democratic values, beliefs, and norms. As well, we must show gratitude to those men and women who are currently serving to protect our nation's freedoms.

New Board of Trustees For ECACS

A special welcome and congratulations to the Trustees who are sitting on the Board for ECACS. We are blessed to have you with us and look forward to working with all in governing the division to build the best educational system that we can. Congratulations go out to the following people who now form the ECACS Board of Trustees.

Chair of the Board - Mrs. Debra Klein - Trustee for Provost

Vice-Chair of the Board - Mr. Harry Loonen - Trustee for Wainwright

Member of the Board - Mr. Duane Austin - Trustee for Stettler

Member of the Board - Mr. Rob Nichols - Trustee for Castor

Member of the Board - Mr. Robert Gratton - Trustee for Provost

Member of the Board - Mr. Jeremy Laurence - Trustee for Vermillion

Member of the Board - Mr. Jim Sanson - Trustee for Vermillion

Member of the Board - Mr. Malachy Young - Trustee for Wainwright

May God bless you in your work to provide an environment where all of our students can achieve their personal best in areas of their Catholic faith development, academic achievements, and in providing a safe and caring learning environment.

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November 7th Marks Catholic Education Sunday

Journey with St. Joseph
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2021-22 Return To School Plan

ECACS Launches The Assurance Framework and Four Year Faith Plan

ECCS is placing much energy and focus into the development of goals and strategies that will continue and further enhance areas of excellence in our overall schools and school division. Through a team-based approach, our staff across the division will be reviewing and constructing action plans that will bring to the forefront positive change, recognize celebrations and look for opportunities to improve the way we teach and in how students best learn. From a divisional perspective, through our targeted focus on the Assurance Framework (formally known as the Accountability Pillars), we embark upon professional development opportunities to examine areas that can be enhanced, the development of action plans to focus on improvements as well we will continue to celebrate and facilitate the strategies that continue our divisional excellence in learning. Our greatest goal is to have ALL students perform to their very best within their academics, faith development, and overall health and wellbeing.

We also value the fact that parents are their children's primary educators. We will review and apply strategies to engage and inform our parents as valued partners about their child's academic journey. With consistent data collection and analysis of results, we can shape and direct courses of action that assist all learners with achieving their levels of excellence. We are also launching a new four-year faith plan that encompasses our touchstone, "We teach; we share; we learn; we care. We grow in Christ, believing that together we can make a difference. In our first year of the four-year plan, the entire division's staff will be focused on the theme of "Called by God." To learn more about our four-year faith plan be sure to click on the provided link, "Called by God".

ECACS Construction Projects

Our new school facility in Provost is moving along at a good pace and plans are in motion with finalizing moving details. St. Thomas Aquinas is blessed to receive such a magnificent new school that is simply put, amazing! The final touches to classrooms, corridors, outdoor cement work, and landscaping, as well as common spaces and the library, are occurring. The excitement to take occupancy is climbing and more details will be shared as we get closer to the final days of completion.

The addition occurring at Blessed Sacrament School is also moving along nicely and the classrooms are receiving final completion details. The space will be a great addition to providing warm and welcoming classrooms. We continue to ask that you keep the construction workers and tradespeople in your prayers to bless them with safety.

Blessed Sacrament Infrastructure Updates

St. Thomas Aquinas Infrastructure Updates

Celebrating Catholic Education: Student Voice